Discounts Available


Category #1 Discounts (Maximum 10%)

  1. Returning student with no break in enrollment - 5%
  2. Active or Retired Military or First Responder - 5%
  3. Enrollment Fee Paid prior to April 1, 2019 - 5%

Category #2 Discounts (Maximum 5%)

  1. Contributing Church Member* - 5%
  2. Refer-A-Family^ - 5%

Category #3 Discounts

  1. Second Student - 5%
  2. Third Student - 10%
  3. Fourth Student - 15%

Application of Discounts

  1. Category #1 discount and Category #2 discount may be stacked for a maximum 15% discount.
  2. Category #3 discount is a stand alone discount applied to each additional family member's full tuition amount.
  3. Discount may crossover between Day School and Early Childhood Center.
  4. Discounts are applied from oldest child to youngest child.

Notes for Category #2 Discounts

*To qualify for this discount, the parent or guardian must be either (1) a rostered member of The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church or currently enrolled/attending membership classes, and (2) contributing a minimum of $1,200 per year to the church.

^To qualify for this discount, the referring family and the referred family must remained enrolled for six (6) consecutive months. Both the referring family and the referred family will receive the discount as a credit to their respective accounts on the 1stday of the month after the end of the six (6) month period, if their accounts are paid up to the date of the credit.

Examples of How Discounts are Applied