Mr. Gary Kuschnereit



Mr. Gary Kuschnereit, better known as “Mr. K.”, serves as the Principal. Mr. K. is considered a “son of Good Shepherd Lutheran Congregation,” since his parents transferred to the church in 1952. 

Attending Mid-Del Public Schools, he felt the call to become a Lutheran school teacher. 

He has earned an Associates in Arts, Bachelor of Education, Lutheran Teacher Diploma, Master of Arts in Curriculum, and a Master of Education in Elementary and Middle School Administration. 

He has served Lutheran schools at St. Louis, MO; Burbank, CA; and Norman, OK. In addition, he has served congregations as organist, choir director, and youth director.

He has worked to have the National Lutheran School Accreditation recognized by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to have accredited Lutheran schools considered as Oklahoma state department accredited.

Special interests include Bible study, reading, writing, genealogy, “culinary arts,” and gardening.